Covid-19 Protocols

Amid the current global pandemic, the Property Ladies are committed to following the most stringent Covid-19 protocols in order to keep our buyers and sellers safe.

The Property Ladies will adhere to the following protocols at all times:

  • All buyers and sellers will complete a Covid-19 screening form.
  • Our brokers will practice social distancing when meeting with clients and showing homes.
  • All agents, buyers and sellers will wear masks when showing a home or conducting an open house.
  • Home owners will leave lights on and doors open to limit surface touching.
  • Broker will open any doors, cabinets, closets.
  • If weather permits, windows will be left open to encourage air flow.
  • Buyers will limit the number of people who attend a showing or open house.
  • All high-touch surfaces will be sanitized prior to leaving a home.
  • A log of all visitors and their contact information will be kept.
  • All of our salespeople and employees will stay home if they feel sick and follow Public Health recommendations.